KubeBath Aqua Piazza Brass Shower Set with 12" Ceiling Mount Square Rain Shower Handheld and Tub Filler CR300HHTF3V

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The Aqua Piazza Collection by KubeBath takes pure and simple geometric forms and composes them into an expression of modern luxury. The unapologetic angularity of the faucet is juxtaposed by a flow of water that is surprisingly laminar and gentle. Aqua Piazza is the product of an intimate cooperation between design and German Engineering.

Included in the Price:

  • Super Slim 12" x 12" Rain Shower Head
  • Square Ceiling Bar 8" Long with Ceiling Cover Plate
  • Solid Brass 3-Way Valve with Temperature Control and Diverter
  • Solid Brass Handheld
  • 5′ Long Braided Flexible Water Hose
  • Handheld Water Supply Adaptor with Handheld Support
  • Rectangular 7" Long Tub Filler Spout

Dimensions: Follow the Specs

  • German Engineering Solid Brass Construction Valve
  • Valve Installation with Threded 1/2" MIP - No more Messy Welding!
  • Valve with Plastic Protection Cover, Installation Level and Depth Indicator
  • Super Slim Solid Brass 1pc Construction Shower Head - No Seams = No Leaks!
  • Silicone Tips on Rain Shower and Handheld for Calcium Buildup - Easy to Clean
  • Depth Adjustable Cover Plates
  • Triple Chromed for Durability and Longevity

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