Fresca FTL2377 Apollo One-Piece Contemporary Toilet

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About Fresca FTL2377 Apollo One-Piece Contemporary Toilet

A unique combination of curved and straight lines makes this transitional Fresca Apollo One-Piece Contemporary Toilet as stylish as it is efficient. With an elegant white finish that will blend with any bathroom design, this elongated toilet is environmentally friendly and has a high efficiency single flushing system (1.28 gallons per flush). It features a tower based mechanism with single flush button on top, eliminating the ball/chain/flapper systems which often snap or stick, causing your toilet to continuously run.

The Fresca Apollo One-Piece Contemporary Toilet has a fully glazed inner trapway and a stain resistant finish making it easy to keep clean. This toilet features a soft drop seat and lid with an innovative hinge system that gently and silently guides the seat down. It’s the perfect toilet to bring transitional style to any bathroom.

  • Powerful and efficient 3" flushing valve and large 2" fully glazed trap.
  • Wide water surface and balanced water distribution.
  • This toilet does not need a PVC rough-in. The fully glazed ceramic trapway installs directly onto the floor.


Highly efficient Eco-Friendly toilet that requires only 1.28 Gallons of water per flush. Toilet is WaterSense certified which uses 20% less water than the current standard of 1.6 gpf. Based on typical consumption it saves about 10,000 - 15,000 gallons of water per year.


One piece toilet means that the bowl and the tank are made as one piece. Your toilet not only looks much better but also feels much sturdier then the 2 piece counterparts. A sleek desing and a sturdy construction is a sure winner.


Concealed/Skirted toilets hide the trapway behind a smooth ceramic surface. Skirted toilets do not collect hard to remove dust, are easier to clean and present a sleek european look.


Most advanced flushing system which features a trapway with a diameter of more than 2" complemented by powerful flushing funcion.

  1. Wide water surface: Larger surface allows for easier cleaning and reduces odors.
  2. Balanced water distribution: Designed to evenly distribute water across entire bowl and provide powerful flushing velocity.
  3. 2" Trap: Not only is the trap larger then normal, its also fully glazed form the inside. This provides a Non-stick and blockage free environment making sure that waste flows smoothly from the first flush and nothing sticks to the walls of the trap.


To prevent particles form adhering to the ceramic surface, easy clean galzing is applied. Making use of nanometer technology a super-smooth and extra-hard surface is created. Compared to conventional glazing there is an ionzed barrier to prevent particles from adhering to ceramic. In fact a catalyzed ion barrier repels particles away so the surface stay cleaner when in use and is very easy to clean after. The trap channels in our toilets are also perfectly glazed inside just like outside. This keeps the inside of the toilet and the walls particle free.


One of the most loved features of our toilets is a seat and the lid. Our toilet seats are soft close so you will never hear a slam that can also damage the ceramic bowl. You can drop the toilet seat and it will slowly close without making noise. On top of providing a smooth and quiet operation, our seats are also easily removable via a latch. This allows for an effortless cleaning around the hardest to reach and the most stained part of the toilet which is located between the seat and a bowl. It also makes it a breeze to replace the toilet seat in the future if the seat becomes damaged. Close function is tested 50,000 times.



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