Evolution Man Face and Body Wash and Deodorant EM-1

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EvolutionMan's skin care products are polished and sophisticated while adhering to eco friendly standards. All of EvolutionMan's tubes are made using recycled materials, and each of their boxes are created from sustainable materials. EvolutionMan prides itself in having a high-class product at a mid-range price

The NU NOIR fragrance is derived from exceptional quality raw ingredients that are blended to create a totally sophisticated, utterly compelling and intoxicating scent. This refreshing and sensual scent fires up the senses. You can rest assured that the positive skin changes which occurring will be long term.

Packed with beneficial ingredients, this NU NOIR 2 PIECE SET from EVOLUTIONMAN is comprised of both EVOLUTIONMAN’s NU NOIR scented products: FACE & BODY WASH and DEODORANT. Enormously effective on their own, these two products provide a powerful one-two punch by first deep Cleansing and exfoliating the skin without ever drying it. Immediate and long-term benefits occur repairing and clarifying the skin thanks to a powerful combination of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, fruit enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Innovative formula combining unique ingredients that helps to naturally control moisture and odor. Whether you’re at the gym, the office or spending a casual day with friends, EVOLUTIONMAN deodorant will keep you feeling great with a scent that will turn heads all day long. ALUMINUM & ALCOHOL-FREE / WITH WHITE CHARCOAL.

• Soothes Skin

Visibly minimizes look of fine lines
• Purifies deep down to the pore
• Smoothes skin’s texture
• Lift’s beard hairs for an ultra-close shaver

• Absorbs Moisture

• Reduces redness/ Irritation

• Antibacterial

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