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Buggy Whip Cruis'n K-9 Hand Painted Toilet Seat Dog In Red Cadilac

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This spotted dog drives around in a red Cadillac, enjoying the breeze against his ears. Made of high quality wood molded seats, lids are painted black, decorated with glitter and glow-in-the-dark accents then sealed with a durable high gloss resin. Top cleans easily with any non-abrasive liquid cleaner and is attached to a white seat, hardware included (Bone available on request). Choice between Standard toilet seat (16.5 inches) and Oblong (18.5 inches). Sure to add a sense of fun to your décor! Shipped out within 10 day as each seat is made to order and hand painted. Made in the U.S.A



  • Hand Painted
  • Hardware Included
  • Glow in the dark accents
  • Available in Standard and elongated at no extra charge
  • Adds a decorative touch to your bathroom
  • Makes a unique gift
  • Made int he USA
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