Badash Gemstone Sand Reverse Painting on Glass Tissue Holder

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These tissue box holders are unique and well crafted. Your tissue box is transformed from ordinary to decorative artwork. They are produced thru the Spanish Traditional Art of Reverse Painting on Glass (also known as Eglimose) executed by our Peruvian artisans. Their labor yields this gorgeous precisely detailed decorative design on the glass. The glass is then inlayed into the handcrafted wood frame. Finally, the piece is hand finished with putty and paint. They are heirloom quality decor. RTB-GS
  • Eglimose- Completely Hand Crafted
  • Environmentally Sustainable All Natural Components
  • Peruvian Reverse Painting on Glass
  • Gorgeous Tissue Dispenser
  • Dimensions: 6 X 6 X 6

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