Like many other household furnishings, there are two main ways to search for lighting – by where it will be located, installed or placed, or by a unique visual description that is discerning from other products in it's category.

1. Location or Placement:
Lighting can be mounted or sit on anything – ceiling, wall mounted, undermount, table or floor lighting.

2. Description:
When it comes to bathroom lighting, customers often search for vanity or bar lighting. Depending on how high the ceilings are, pendant and chandelier lighting are also common search terms. These terms refer to a very specific visual aesthetic that is easily recognizable.


The three most common places for lighting are the Ceiling, Wall and Floor... and that accounts for the overwhleming majority of bathroom lighting purchases. But in its entirety, lighting can also be classisfied as Tabletop, Countertop and Undermount, which could be viewed as distant cousins, or extensions of floor and ceiling lighting.


Most lights in the house are either in or hang from the ceiling and the bathroom is no exception. This accounts for several kinds of ceiling lights with various degrees of invasiveness.

Wall Mounted

Since the bathroom is where we 'get ready' each morning, it's no surpise that having lights close to the mirror make more sense than anywhere else in the house.


The easiest light to obtain, install and move is of course a floor-standing lamp that can change the dynamics of a bathroom in seconds when positioned elsewhere.


Not quite on the floor, nor on the counter, tabletop implies a secondary top surface with less intimate accessories not found on a countertop.


In the bathroom, the counterop holds the most intimate and personal of accessories, which can also include lighted magnifying mirrors and other lamps.


Ambiance is created when the light source is not directly visible. Usualy this is a result of lights tucked up under the bottoms of wall hanging cabinets or under open vanities and shelving.


Since there are so many different kinds of lighting that fulfill many different kinds of needs and functions, the most intuitive way to search is by a descriptive term that generally defines how the product looks. Pendant lighting is a perfect example of this. It is unuiqe in being a ceiling hanging light, usually with a bulbous fixture hanging by a fairly long cord or cable.


One of the many kinds of ceiling lights, pendant and mini-pendant lights are visually distinguishable by their long cords and bulbous ends made of materials like glass and metal.


Visually a stunning piece, chandeliers are over-acheiver of pendnat lights and usually have several ornate arms and are usually loaded with a slew of eye catching crystal or glass pieces.

Flush and Semi-Flush Mount

Shyer than chandeliers, flush mount lights make a more modest appearance and don't hang much lower than the ceiling. usually all sides of this kind of lighting are touching the ceiling as opposed to being suspended by a cord.

Floor Lamp

The most versatile kid of lighting that is not bathroom specific but can quickly be a great corner lighting addition to any bathroom remodel. Floor lamps offer one of the easiest ways to light a space without the hassle of rennovations construction common with adding ceiling or wall lighting.

Table Lamp

Table lamps illuminate semi-personal above-floor spaces, making it easy for a recling, relaxed user to have quick acces to a drink or magazine or laptop. Some bathroom are large enough to have chairs in them, making small tables and table lamps ideal accessories.

Countertop Light

The most personal of spaces is above-counter when you're washing up for the day (or night) in your bathroom. Countertop lights are perfect compliments for that level of privacy and usually can be in the form of mirror or magnification lights.


A classic style of wall lighting is the sconce, usually purchased in pairs to accentuate both sides of a mirror residing above the bathroom vanity. Sconces are vast in their styles, glass colors and textures and finishes.

Bar Lighting

The simplest way to evenly light up both the vanity and mirror is a bar light hung just above the mirror. Bar lighting could be one long bulb or glass or a series of bulbs or sconces on a single plate mounted onto the wall.

Vanity Lighting

Probably the most subjective descriptive lighting term, vanity lighting could be interpreted as any kind of wall or ceiling lighting that compliments a vanity and/or mirror combination. Sconces, bar lights and pendants hung just above the vanity can all be, by association, be referred to as vanity lighting.