Sometimes, before beginning that next project or remodel, it can be incredibly beneficial to step back and see what else is out there.

And despite how conservative or liberal you may want to be with your next bathroom adventure, inspiration can help us draw the boundaries for ourselves and direct us in the direction of what we didn't know we originally wanted.

Enjoy this array of designs and styles and discover what it is you really want your next bathroom project to look like.

Luxurious High Contrast

A 5 star hotel feel with white and black marble and porcelain. Undermount and reccesed lighting transform this decor into a wonderful safe and mysterious space.

Minimal Neutral with Wood Accents

Some wooden planks and stones give this otherwise overly simple layout and neutral backdrop a much needed modern touch.

Modern and Cool

Noticeably more colorful next to a pure gray backdrop, the relaxing blue color is both modern and discreet.

Modern and Deep Blue

A bolder and deeper color works best against a lighter surrounding, and can comminicate commitment and rich taste.

Modern High Contrast

Again, the white walls allow the furnishings to stand out and command attention, instead of getting lost in a sea of similar dark shades.

Modern Neutral Gray

A very common modern day color for home sellers, this simple design also allows for a relatively inexpensive remodel to instantly raise the value of your home.

Modern Rustic

Bring nature indoors even if you're in the middle of a big city with a heavy wooden decor contrasted against modern fixtures. They really are a nice pairing and you have a near infinite option of wood types and stainss to choose from.

Modern Studio

This cozy arrangment screams 'artist,' or more likely 'the artist's studio.' Simple sterile fixtures complimented with modern art, flora and minimalistic shelving.

Traditional Earthy Stone and Tile

A touch of both home and luxury, this staple of bathroom decor has a long history in American homes as a classy and welcoming style.

Traditional, Industrial and Lofty

Clawfoot bathtubs are by far a sign of elegance, yet fit in so well in almost any setting, including this lofty, industrial-rennovated space that most likley resides on a top floor apartment. Bold flora and bright lights are this design's best assets.

Warm and Rustic

Warm, orange lighting surrounded by weathered wood and rich brown furnishings. The outdoor view solidifies this aesthetic.

Minimal Oriental

Subtle oriental accents give this otherwise minimalistic design new life. The vertical brown wooden panels contrasted against a solid white wall make this space seem bigger than it is.