Steam Planet Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator SP9HB

Color: Black


This highly rated steam generator will transform your shower into a private spa allowing you to enjoy all the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of steam with Steam Planet’s “all in one" Steam Generator Package. Soothe your tired muscles, hydrate your skin, enhance and improve your breathing, help with weight loss and achieve a more restful sleep. Steam Planet steam generators come with everything you need for your own personal spa. Included: Steam generator box, control panel, steam outlet with aromatherapy reservoir built-in. The chrome finish will compliment  your bathroom and is bound to suit your existing décor and faucets.The temperature sensor that comes with this shower unit will ensure that the shower operates at the optimum temperature at all times. You won’t need to worry about the steam generator not being hot enough to generate enough steam as the temperature sensor will keep the unit working until there is enough steam and equally, you won’t need to worry about safety as the sensor will ensure that the generator stops heating up when there is enough steam.

Features and Benefits
  • Self-draining steam generator
  • Black or White control panel which can be mounted inside or outside of the shower room
  • 16 ft. of connecting wire for control panel
  • Programmable time/temperature control
  • Temperature sensor
  • Chrome steam head with aroma therapy outlet
  • Generator is supplied with a single steam head
  • 12-Volt light output wire
  • 220-Volt/8-2 wire 50 Amp GFCI breaker (2 hot lines and 1 ground line)
  • Water inlet and drain valves require 1/2 in. NPT fillings
  • Heats 320 cu. ft. to 460 cu. ft.
  • ETL/CSA certified
  • Size you need, to confirm the exact size of the generator needed, do the following calculation: [length (ft.) x width (ft.) x height (ft.)] x2
  • Dimensions: 19 ½"L x 6 ½"W x 14 ½"H
  • Three Year Warranty-Parts

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